Nanny Needed Vacation

10 Ways a Nanny Can Improve Your Vacation

There are many benefits to taking the nanny on vacation with your family. There’s a reason celebrities are so often photographed on vacation with the nanny. Traveling with a nanny adds to the convenience and luxury of vacation.

  1. An extra set of hands comes in very handy at airports. Trying to get through security and to the plane with luggage, strollers, car seats, carry on bags and everything else you need is a challenge by itself. Throw in trying to keep your children moving, together and safe and it becomes nearly impossible. Two more hands is a huge help.
  2. Even up your numbers. If your family adds up to an uneven number, the nanny will even it out. This way no one will have to sit alone on the airplane or sit out a ride.
  3. The nanny can stay with younger children. Leave the nanny at the hotel with babies and toddlers while you take the older children out exploring. If you are visiting an amusement park, the nanny can take the smaller children on the kiddie rides while older hit the thrill rides. (You can send the nanny with the big kids on the roller coasters instead if you prefer the calmer attractions.)
  4. The children will have some of the comfort, familiarity and routines of home with their nanny present. If your nanny has been with you for a while, she may feel like family, at least to your children.
  5. You will have someone to help you keep track of all the details. There are many details to keep track of while traveling, including hotel reservations, directions, tickets, show times and attraction hours. The nanny can help you stay organized.
  6. Divide and conquer! Your daughter may want to swim at the beach while your son is obsessed with the pool. You can be with one child while the nanny is with the other. Both children will enjoy the one on one time. Be sure to switch so both children get an equal amount of time with you.
  7. Enjoy date night in a new location. Go to a swanky restaurant, hot nightclub or see a late show while your kids are at the hotel with the nanny.
  8. Sleep as late as you want. Let the nanny take morning duty while you sleep.
  9. Have someone to entertain the kids while you relax. Don’t send your children off with the nanny every minute of the vacation, but it is okay to enjoy some time at the spa.
  10. You won’t have to lose your place in a long line to run little ones to the bathroom.

Bringing the nanny with you on vacation is a practical way to enjoy your time away even more. Your children will enjoy having their caregiver and playmate with them. The nanny will appreciate you providing her with the opportunity to travel. Be sure to give her some time to herself to relax, explore and enjoy the trip.