Nanny Needed Urgently

10 Possibilities for Urgently Finding a Nanny

When parents are in need of nanny services, finding them quickly can be a priority. There are 10 possibilities for urgently finding a nanny.

  1. Call a nanny agency. These businesses specialize in matching nannies to families. This can often be the fastest way to employ a nanny.
  2. Research online nanny agencies. Take advantage of agencies who advertise on the web to make the most of your time. Online agencies use their websites to explain their services and describe the nannies they have for hire.
  3. Read all local newspapers and search the classified ads. Many unemployed nannies will advertise their services. Nannies who are paying to advertise in the paper usually need work, so they can begin work quickly.
  4. Instead of waiting for ads to appear from nannies, take the opposite approach and place an advertisement for your open position. Carefully word the ad so that your expectations and needs are clear.
  5. Check your own contacts. Call around to friends and family members to see who their nannies are or to find out how they found their nannies. Talk to other parents whose children go to the same school as your children do. If any of you contacts know of a good nanny, they can usually provide a reference for the nanny, too.
  6. Consider calling any retirees that you may know from your neighborhood, your job, or your church. Retired women may be interested in becoming a nanny to keep them active. Retired school teachers make excellent nannies.
  7. Don’t forget about local colleges and universities. Young women who are attending college sometimes work as nannies to help pay for their tuition and fees. Students who are enrolled in teacher preparation or teacher education programs have the perfect background to become great nannies.
  8. Many communities have parents’ groups. Although the purpose of these groups is not to find nannies, these groups can be a great place to go mingle with other parents and find out about the nannies they use. Choose a group that relates to your situation and start attending. Most parents are willing to share information.
  9. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially at places where kids are present. Keep your eyes open at the neighborhood park, the playground, or the next kid’s birthday you attend. There may be nannies present. If you find yourself in a situation with another family’s nanny, take time to introduce yourself. You may be able to get contact information for another nanny she knows.
  10. The pediatrician’s office can be another great place to look for a nanny. The receptionist, the nurse, and even the doctor probably see a lot of nannies bringing in children for appointments. Check with them to see what they know.

Finding a nanny urgently can seem stressful for parents, especially parents who have to work. However, using these strategies to locate a nanny can take the stress out of the situation so that parents can focus on choosing the perfect one.