Nanny Needed Travel

10 Ways to Find a Nanny that is Willing to Travel

A nanny who is willing to travel is a necessity for families who are on the road frequently for either business or pleasure. Not every nanny is willing or able to travel. Here are some tips for finding one who is.

  1. Use a nanny agency. The agency charges fees for using their service, but will help you find a nanny that meets all of your requirements. The nanny will have already been through the agencies background and reference check, which is an added measure of safety.
  2. Post a job opening in the newspaper. You never know – there could be a nanny right in your area that would love the opportunity to travel.
  3. Put up fliers at area colleges. If you predominately need someone during the summer or around the holidays, a college student’s schedule might lend itself perfectly to your agenda. Many college students would jump on the chance to earn some cash on their school break. A free trip would certainly sweeten the offer.
  4. Ask your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Tell everyone you know what you’re looking for. If you put out enough feelers, something will come back eventually.
  5. Consider past babysitters. Maybe someone who has already worked for you would be open to traveling. You never know until you ask.
  6. Search nanny directories. There are several websites where babysitters and nannies can list their biographies and resumes. Read through some profiles and email anyone who seems could be a good match.
  7. Post a job description online. Some of these same nanny directory websites allow families who are looking for nannies to post recruitment ads. Also post ads on online classified websites.
  8. Network with hotel concierges. Call the concierges at large hotel chains. They see families traveling with nannies every day. They may be able to recommend a nanny agency or may even have their own list of preferred nannies. Don’t limit your calls to hotels in your area. A prospective nanny doesn’t necessarily need to live near you currently.
  9. Ask other nannies if they know anyone who is willing to travel. Nannies frequently socialize while at the park or school pick up line. Ask the nannies you encounter to spread the word that you are looking to hire someone to accompany your family on trips.
  10. Hire someone you already know. You may already know someone who would be willing to travel with your family as a nanny. Ask your co-worker’s daughter, house cleaner’s granddaughter or the girl next door. You may even have family members who would jump at the opportunity. For example, if your niece loves your kids, just graduated from college and hasn’t landed a job, yet working as a nanny might be a mutually beneficial situation for all involved. Make a list of all possible options.

Take your time finding the right nanny. Having someone you know you can rely on and trust is even more important when you are away from home.