Nanny Needed Summer

10 Reasons It’s Hard to Find a Nanny in the Summer

Finding a nanny can be difficult in any season, but many families find it particularly difficult in the summer. There are various reasons it is hard to find a nanny in the summer, ten of which are listed below.

  1. There is lots of competition with other jobs during the summers season. College and high school students are able to find work at as life guards, lawn care services, or ice cream shops in many towns and cities, creating more competition for families who want to hire a nanny.
  2. Job seekers often want jobs that match their friends’ schedules. Most teenagers or college students who work summer jobs work daily shifts, some only part time, and not the long, consistent hours that are often required of nannies.
  3. People want to use the summer to travel. Many people use the summer to take lots of time off and to travel or take family vacations. Obviously being gone for extended periods of time is not compatible with the needs of a family who requires a full time nanny.
  4. Many people who love kids find work in the summer, at summer schools or at camps. Camps and summer school often look good on resumes for education programs or other child-related jobs and can attract many of the same applicants that look for nanny jobs.
  5. College students who are in the area during the fall, winter, and spring often go home during the summer to be with their families. For people who live in a college town and are looking for a nanny, they will find the pool of applicants is much smaller in the summer because of students returning home during the summer.
  6. People take the summer off. Many people who go to school or work during other parts of the year want to use the summer to relax and not work.
  7. People do not want to commit to a serious job in the summer because they need flexible schedules. In addition to wanting to travel, people also have commitments, like weddings, in the summer.
  8. In the tough job market college and high school students who would often apply for nanny jobs are being pressured to complete internships in the summer. Nanny jobs may seem less attractive to people who want to have impressive resume boosters.
  9. The hours of a nanny job seem unattractive in the summer. Having to get up early is unappealing to many people, especially young people who prefer to stay out late and sleep in during the summer months.
  10. In other seasons kids go to school, making the job of a nanny easier. In the summer kids stay home all day and nannies are expected to entertain kids for longer hours.

Families interested in hiring a nanny during the summer months should be aware of the challenges that exist in finding someone to take care of kids during this season. While it is certainly not impossible to find a nanny for the summer, it is the hardest time of the year to find a nanny.