Nanny Needed Jobs

10 Types of Jobs Nannies Love to Apply For

Nannies love children. They possess childcare skill and the ability to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children in their care. Skilled nannies love to apply for jobs with the following characteristics.

  1. Location plays a role in a job nannies love to do. Living close to a major city or educational center attracts nannies. With cultural and educational attractions nearby, nannies have access to events, shows and other activities for the children to enjoy during work hours and for the nannies to enjoy in their free time.
  2. Pay rates attract nannies. For their specialized services, they expect a certain level of pay. Wise employers offer fair pay and compensate their nannies adequately for the responsibilities they expect the nanny to perform.
  3. Honest employers keep their word. Too often, parents offer promises during the interview process but do not follow through after the nanny takes the job. Honest parents create positive and pleasant work environment when they follow through on promises for time off requests, pay raises and responsibility assignments.
  4. Reasonable responsibilities offer nannies their dream job. They want to care for the children and perform light housekeeping duties rather than heavy housekeeping, household management duties or excessive errands.
  5. Employers who maintain fair and consistent rules provide a pleasurable work experience for nannies. Caring for children when the rules change remains confusing for the nanny and the children.
  6. Nannies love to work for employers who trust them. When a parent monitors the nanny’s every move or corrects every mistake, the nanny feels pressured and fearful. Nannies perform best when their employers show them respect, value and trust.
  7. Well-behaved kids reward a nanny. Every child experiences temper tantrums, frustrations, tiredness and hunger, but children who have been taught manners and courtesy make a nanny’s job easier and show that the parents take time to actually parent their children.
  8. Nannies love working for employers who parent their children instead of expecting the nanny to be the parent. When a parent gives the nanny childcare duties but also remains the parent, nannies may focus on child safety, fun activities and educational experiences rather than the parenting tasks.
  9. Parents who promote a calm, pleasant atmosphere create a peaceful work environment for the nanny and the children. Fighting, bickering and arguing create chaos and fear in the children’s lives and affect the nanny’s work environment and her ability to perform her job successfully.
  10. A nanny loves working for employers who encourage her educational and social pursuits. The job remains a priority, but she deserves a life outside of work and loves working for employers who allow her to pursue a private life.

Attract certified, qualified and educated nannies by providing ideal working conditions.
Qualified nannies love to apply for positions with well-behaved children and time to pursue a life outside of work. Clear expectations and honest employers make a nanny job ideal.