Nanny Needed Ad

10 Tips for Making Your Nanny Wanted Ad Better

Hiring a nanny for your family begins with placing a quality help wanted ad. This may seem straightforward, but with careful wording and the inclusion of key elements, you will have the best chances of attracting applicants with the qualities you desire. The 10 tips listed below will guide you in formulating a successful ad.

  1. Be candid about the type of nanny you are looking for. It’s not okay to discriminate, but it is appropriate to seek a general age group for your specific needs. You might use terms like, “mature,” “energetic,” or “student.” Vague words like these convey your preference for an older, younger, or college-aged person, and enable job-seekers to identify with your ad.
  2. If you require a certain language other than the dominant one for your region, disclose this in your ad.
  3. The inclusion of compensation details is best left on general terms. While it is helpful for the job-seeker, agreeing to a certain salary in the ad locks you in. You may write “salary is commensurate with experience,” or “salary will be in line with industry standards.” This communicates that you will pay a fair rate, but leaves you room to negotiate.
  4. Mention the type of neighborhood the job is in. Terms like urban, rural, subdivision, cul-de-sac, or apartment building will help the job-seeker to envision the working environment.
  5. Don’t divulge your street address in the ad. Doing so will encourage people to drop-by uninvited. You want to retain control of which applicants you end up interviewing in person.
  6. If you plan to do a background check on your final selection, disclose this in your ad. Mentioning this will discourage undesirables from applying.
  7. If you have any unusual circumstances in your household such as home-schooling or a disabled child, be forthcoming in your ad. Unexpected announcements during the interview are unfair to the applicant and leave you with unqualified candidates.
  8. Briefly explain the living situation. Is it live-in or live-out? Are meals included? Kitchen privileges?
  9. Include the age and number of children to be looked after. Do not mention their names.
  10. Will you require any cooking or cleaning to be done by your nanny? If so, make sure you mention this in your ad. Otherwise, it will be assumed that only child care is needed.

The more helpful details you include in your ad, the easier it will be for a potential applicant to decide if the position will suit them. During the interview process you can make the final determination of whether the person would be a good fit in your household. If you remember these tips when you compose your ad, you can be certain to have a quality pool of candidates from which to choose.