Find a Nanny

10 Tips for Finding a Nanny

If you are like most adults today, you live a life of extreme productivity, which means less time home than you might like with your family. However, if you are also like most parents today, you want the best for your kids. It is time for you to get a nanny.

Below are 10 tips for finding the perfect nanny.

  1. Use the Internet.  There are many services online on which nannies will place their profiles and experience for your perusal. So instead of having to cycle through the phone book, use the services that have been set up for you to quickly vet a large number of candidates at once.
  2. Test many nannies.  You will probably go through more than one many before you find the perfect match. This is part of the process.
  3. Drop in unannounced.  If you really want to see how your nanny and your kids get along, drop in unannounced. Everybody can be all smiles when they are prepared, but when the chips are down, you see what the true personality of a person is.
  4. Ask your kids, but take their opinions with a grain of salt.  Of course you want to find a nanny that your kids will like, so you must ask him about performance of the name. However, you must know that the best nannies may sometimes be harsh disciplinarians. If this is what your child needs, make sure that you do not state his or her discomfort for the nanny’s discipline with disdain for the nanny.
  5. Pay close attention to experience.  Many nannies will try to get a job by detailing experience to you about children that are not in the age group of your kids. Kids grow up fast. They require different types of people at each stage in their lives. Do not take a nanny that has experience with nine-year-old and expects that person to connect with your 13-year-old.
  6. Test for domestic skills.  If your nanny is able to cook and clean, they will invariably be better for your children.
  7. Test for a backbone.  Your children gain nothing from a nanny they cannot hold his or her ground. You must test the nanny’s ability to stand up to your children without becoming too overbearing.
  8. Get reviews.  The world of nannies is a small one. You can find reviews of nannies online or through your friends.
  9. Test for education.  Invariably, a nanny that can help your kids with their homework will be better than one who cannot.
  10. Trust your gut.   You know better than anyone what your children need and the kind of person you want around your kids. Trust your instincts above all, and you will definitely find the right nanny for you.