How to Keep Your White Rug White with Kids

It has been said that it’s hard to have nice things when you also have children, but that old adage doesn’t necessarily have to hold true when it comes to your rugs and carpeting. Even if you’re gutsy enough to opt for white rugs, it’s possible to keep them sparkling when there are children in the house. With a bit of regular maintenance and stain management know-how, your white floor treatments can enjoy a long and functional life.

Ban Shoes

Establishing a household rule that requires everyone to take their shoes off at the door can do wonders for keeping your white rug as bright and beautiful as it was the day you bought it. Kids are especially notorious for carrying mud and dirt into the house on the bottom of their shoes, but they’re not the only culprits. Banning shoes in the house altogether is the first step to preserving and maintaining your white carpet.

Regularly Vacuum

It seems obvious, but a few passes over your white carpet or area rug will whisk surface dirt away before it’s ground in by little feet. Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner, and perhaps a small carpet steam cleaner for accidental spills and stains.

Keep Food in the Kitchen or Dining Room

Food and spilled drinks are one of the more common causes of stains on carpet or rugs of any color, but they’re definitely more noticeable when the rug is white. Making sure that no one eats in the living room or bedrooms can prevent these stains from occurring in the first place, cutting down on the amount of time you spend trying to get them out of your white carpet.

Treat Stains Promptly

The longer a stain or soiled area sits on your white rug, the more difficult it will be to remove completely. Keep a stain remover designed specifically for carpeting on hand and treat any stains that occur as quickly as possible. Club soda will do for some stains in a pinch, but you’ll want to have the more powerful cleaners easily accessible if you’re determined to have white rugs in a home that also contains kids.

Instill Good Habits in Your Children

Helping your kids understand why they’re supposed to take their shoes off, eat at the table and let you know immediately that a spill has occurred while encouraging them to develop good habits regarding cleanliness will make quite a difference in the longevity of your white rug. Kids tend to be messy by nature, but it is possible to curb their careless tendencies. Rather than letting your children do as they please while you follow them with a bottle of carpet stain remover, help them develop a habit of keeping things clean from a young age. When they get older, those habits will definitely pay off for you.

Designate an Area for Arts and Crafts

Markers, finger paint, water colors and chalk are tools of the creative trade for kids, but they can also be very messy. Little ones love to sprawl out on the floor with their paper and supplies, but overzealous coloring can send marker tips flying off the edges of paper, right onto the carpet. An overturned basin of water used to clean paintbrushes before a color change can ruin a white rug, and a faint dusting of brightly colored chalk can become embedded into the fibers. Rolling a rug up and moving it out of the way during arts and crafts time will keep it clean, but you can’t very well roll up white wall-to-wall. The simpler solution is to treat arts and crafts like a meal, and insist that kids do them at the table or in a room that doesn’t have white floor treatments.

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