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10 Tips for Parents of Kids Who Resist Having Their Teeth Brushed

Chasing a defiant toddler around with a toothbrush is more likely to end in smears of toothpaste on the furniture and a tiny mouth that refuses to open than an effective lesson in oral hygiene. For parents that have attempted to plead, bargain, and even threaten their way into their child’s mouth with a toothbrush, […]

What If My Nanny Has Jury Duty

A summons for jury duty is rarely cause for excitement, but it can be particularly inconvenient when your nanny gets the call. Because reporting for jury duty is mandatory and can stretch on for weeks, or even months in some cases, you may find yourself without childcare for an extended period of time. While you […]

10 Awkward Things to Tell Your Kids

Wouldn’t it be nice if parents never had to have awkward conversations with their kids? The truth is, having children means having those uncomfortable discussions at some point. Kids ask all sorts of questions and some of those questions come unexpectedly and catch parents off guard. At those times the burning question for parents becomes […]