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10 Facts About the Amish to Teach Our Kids

For parents who believe that there is something of value in every religion, and wish to teach tolerance and understanding to their children, we offer some suggestions for you to share with them. Here are 10 facts about the Amish to teach our kids: The Amish have a set of rules called the Ordnung, which […]

10 Facts About Mormons to Teach Our Kids

In a series of articles about religious tolerance and understanding, we are examining highlights of several faiths. The key to understanding and respect for one another lies in educating our future generations. In this segment, we will look at 10 facts about Mormons to teach our kids: Mormonism is founded upon what they refer to […]

10 Facts About Islam to Teach Our Kids

Respect and understanding are the foundations of any society, and part of that is religious tolerance. To better understand one another, it’s helpful for us to know a little about each other’s beliefs and views. In this article, we will look at 10 facts about Islam to teach our kids:  Islam is an Arabic word […]