Nanny Needed

80 Reasons People Need Nannies

Busy parents have relied on nannies for centuries. Some need nannies due to busy work schedules. Others need them because they have their hands full with multiple children. No matter why they are needed, nannies make life easier for parents and children. Learn 80 reasons why people need nannies below.

10 Reasons We will Always Need Nannies

  1. Video games are poor substitutes for human supervision. They may hold a child’s attention, but they don’t offer real value.
  2. Computers can be educational, but they shouldn’t be used to replace a human being. A nanny can supervise a child’s use of the computer and provide quality care.
  3. Remote therapy and services like it makes sense. Remote nannies, on the other hand, simply wouldn’t work.
  4. The idea of using a monitoring system to supervise your children from work really isn’t all that realistic. If something happens, you won’t be close enough to help.
  5. Kids of all ages need regular supervision. Without it, they run the risk of getting hurt or of winding up in serious trouble.
  6. Children must be nurtured. If they are left alone, they will feel like no one cares about them. Whether they admit it or not, they need attention.
  7. The more education a child receives the better off he will be. A nanny can educate a child while caring for him.
  8. A child can never have too many caring adults in his life. The right nanny won’t take the place of a child’s parents, but she will enhance his life.
  9. Daycare centers aren’t right for everyone. Some parents simply don’t like them, and some kids just don’t thrive in such environments.
  10. Not all schools have latchkey programs. Furthermore, such programs typically aren’t available during the summer or over long holiday breaks.

10 Reasons First-Time Parents Need Nannies

  1. The mind-numbing fatigue of having a new infant is a perfectly good reason to have a nanny in the home. New parents can get the extra rest that they need.
  2. An experienced nanny can help first-time parents learn the ropes. It’s reassuring to have an experienced person available.
  3. Harried parents can get much-needed breaks from their infants. Instead of reaching their breaking points, parents can enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet when they need it.
  4. It gives parents a chance to straighten up the house. With a newborn, it’s easy for general housekeeping to fall by the wayside.
  5. The nanny can attend to the baby while mom or dad fills out thank-you cards for the gifts that well-wishers have sent.
  6. With a nanny available, new parents can escape for occasional date nights. This helps to keep their relationship strong and reduces stress too.
  7. Life goes on with a newborn, which often means that work obligations must be handled. Knowing that a nanny is providing quality care makes it easier to focus at the office.
  8. Parents who aren’t thrilled with the idea of putting their newborn in a daycare center will appreciate having a nanny in the home.
  9. Hiring a babysitter on occasion often isn’t enough. Babysitters aren’t always available, either, which can make it difficult to make definite plans.
  10. A nanny provides an extra set of helping hands, which definitely comes in handy when it comes to caring for a newborn. A lot of weight is lifted off parents’ shoulders when a nanny is there.

10 Reasons Working Parents Need Nannies

  1. Daycare centers aren’t always cheaper, especially if there are multiple children who need supervision.
  2. Knowing that a child is receiving individualized attention eases working parents’ minds.
  3. There’s more flexibility with a nanny. If something comes up, or if special circumstances arise, a nanny will be able to cope with them more easily than a daycare center would.
  4. If a parent has to leave work late, he doesn’t have to worry about paying fees or penalties to a nanny.
  5. It’s a lot easier to be able to leave a child at home and head to work. Making a pit-stop at the daycare center makes commutes that much longer.
  6. A qualified nanny can take kids where they need to go, which makes it easier for busy parents to focus on their careers.
  7. The right nanny will be able to take the kids to school and pick them up at the end of the day. Parents who work typical nine-to-five jobs won’t have to worry themselves with school schedules.
  8. Dealing with a job is stressful. It’s even more so when a parent has to worry about the well-being of their child. A nanny alleviates this issue.
  9. Knowing that a nanny is providing exceptional care makes it easier for a busy parent to focus on work.
  10. Many nannies are willing to do light household work, which is a nice perk that makes life even easier.

10 Reasons Single Parents Need Nannies

  1. Being a single parent can be very overwhelming. In many ways, a nanny can take the place of the second parent.
  2. Without another parent to help transport the kids, things can get tricky. A nanny can help out with transportation.
  3. Having one child is one thing; having several of them is another. Single parents with multiple children can especially benefit from having a nanny around.
  4. If the other parent is totally absent – whether due to distance or for another reason – it can be reassuring to have another responsible adult available to care for the children.
  5. Money tends to be tight for single parents, but it’s often cheaper to hire a nanny than to pay exorbitant daycare center fees.
  6. There’s less stress involved in using a nanny. Single parents do the work of two people, but a nanny can alleviate a lot of that stress.
  7. Sick kids are even more problematic for single parents than they are for married parents. Children who steer clear of daycare centers tend to be healthier than those who attend them.
  8. Instead of scrambling to find someone to watch the kids during holiday breaks and other occasions, a single parent can fall back on a nanny.
  9. It’s difficult for a single parent to juggle all of their responsibilities. A nanny can simplify things.
  10. Life is generally easier to manage when a nanny is in the home. Single parents can even pursue lives outside of the home when they have nannies.

10 Reasons Special-Needs Kids Need Nannies

  1. A lot more work is involved in caring for special-needs kids. An extra pair of helping hands can be very useful.
  2. Special-needs kids often require a lot more attention. The right nanny can provide it.
  3. If a special-needs child has siblings, a nanny can take some of the workload off of busy parents. Furthermore, she can provide special attention to the special-needs child as needed.
  4. Regular daycare centers aren’t usually equipped to handle special-needs children.
  5. Although many schools have latchkey programs, such programs aren’t usually designed to suit the requirements of special-needs kids.
  6. It’s not easy to hire a random babysitter when it comes to a special-needs child. Teens that babysit for extra cash often aren’t capable of providing the level of care that is required by many special-needs kids.
  7. Some nannies specialize in caring for special-needs children. Such a nanny can be an absolute lifesaver for busy parents who have run out of options.
  8. The right nanny can provide educational activities that are suited for a special-needs child. Exceptional care can make life better for children who have special needs.
  9. Special-needs kids who require extensive amounts of attention often thrive when they have their own nannies. Seeing the same person every day is a lot less stressful too.
  10. Hiring a nanny is often easier on a special-needs child. While he may not realize it, it reduces his parents’ stress levels too and makes for a happier household.

10 Reasons Work-from-Home Parents Need Nannies

  1. A qualified nanny can keep children busy while their work-from-home parent attends to their daily business. Having fewer distractions makes life easier for parents who work from home.
  2. Children won’t grow bored when a nanny is in the house. Without a nanny, the working parent has to try to occupy the kids while getting work done at the same time.
  3. A nanny can get the kids out of the house while a parent works. This makes everyone happy.
  4. Instead of having to shuttle the kids to and from work, a work-from-home parent can let the nanny do it. That way, he can concentrate on his daily routine.
  5. An experienced nanny will be able to help kids with their homework. When the parent is done working, it’s one less thing that he has to worry about doing.
  6. It’s easier to grow and expand a career when a nanny is available. Work-from-home parents can accomplish a lot more when another adult is around to occupy the children.
  7. Sometimes, a nanny will perform light housekeeping duties as well as tending to the children. This removes additional stress from the working parent’s shoulders.
  8. With a nanny on hand, a work-from-home parent’s productivity is sure to skyrocket.
  9. Instead of feeling guilty about concentrating on work, a work-from-home parent will know that their kids are staying busy with the nanny.
  10. The work will get finished a lot more quickly when children are occupied with a nanny.

10 Reasons Parents that Just Moved Need Nannies

  1. It’s not easy to find a suitable daycare in a new area. Nannies can provide references that are easy to check.
  2. A local nanny will be familiar with the area, which will make things a lot easier on parents who have just moved.
  3. It’s not possible to find a random babysitter when one is needed when a parent is new to the area. By hiring a nanny, someone will always be available.
  4. If the parents have moved away from their extended family, a nanny can be an absolute lifesaver.
  5. A new home often comes with a new job. Getting accustomed to a new job can be stressful. Having a nanny there to care for the kids can make things easier.
  6. The kids will have to go to new schools. A nanny can help to make the adjustment period go a lot more smoothly.
  7. Settling in to a new home is especially difficult for children. A caring nanny will help them learn about the area and feel more at home.
  8. It’s hard enough for a child to get used to a new school; a new daycare is even more stressful. By hiring a nanny, parents can eliminate the need to put their children in a strange daycare center.
  9. A nanny can make living in a strange town easier on a child. She can keep the child busy with activities that will make him feel less homesick.
  10. A nanny can make a big move less stressful for parents too. Parents often feel guilty for uprooting their kids’ lives, and a nanny can smooth out the rough patches.

10 Reasons Working Professionals Need Nannies

  1. Working professionals like doctors and lawyers often work long, hard hours. A nanny will be able to accommodate such schedules more easily.
  2. High-stress jobs make for stressed out parents. The right nanny can lower stress levels.
  3. Successful careers usually come with high salaries. Working professionals can often easily afford full-time nannies.
  4. Instead of driving around to pick up kids after a long day of work, working professionals can head right home.
  5. By hiring a nanny, a professional can make sure that they get a good fit for their child.
  6. It eases a working parent’s mind to know that their child’s needs are being met, and an experienced nanny can easily do so.
  7. A nanny is more flexible than a daycare center or after-school program.
  8. In the long run, a nanny can actually save a busy professional a considerable amount of money.
  9. If schedules randomly change, a nanny is more likely to roll with the punches.
  10. Working professionals typically work all year long. Nannies do too, so summers and holidays are usually not an issue.

With the help of a high-quality nanny, parents’ lives can be a lot easier. The same is true for kids, who tend to benefit enormously by having a nanny in the house. Hiring a nanny may sound extravagant, but it’s often cheaper than traditional daycare. It makes everyone happier too.